Christmas 2015

It was a different Christmas this year. Not what most would consider minimalistic but not entirely commercial either. We shot for a balance somewhere in between and (I think) came out well in the end. Our children are all getting older and although I wanted to take a family trip this year like we did last year, the kids asked for something different. They wanted a more “traditional” Christmas with presents, but most of the lists were practical.Read More »Christmas 2015


As in the traditional use of the word: Excessive happiness. I am generally an obnoxiously happy person, but the holidays just bring it out even… Read More »I AM GAY!!


Today was the last scheduled race of the year.  Red Nosed Run 5K.  I had elected to volunteer for it instead of run it due… Read More »Wind


People are posting wish lists and wants all over the internet. First of all, I say why limit it to the holidays?? I want things… Read More »Gifts