Shari Broder –

Shari has a story that’s SO relatable. Wanting to lose weight, not understanding why it isn’t happening, feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life. We realized we’re from the same part of the country and have the same food loves from New England. Discussing her Mom’s triple bypass at 63 years old and knowing she didn’t want that to be her was life changing as was investing in herself. Self-care is of the utmost importance in order to give back to others which she now does with abundance! 

My story is probably something many women (and some men, too) can relate to! My weight “problem” & struggle with food and eating started when I stopped growing taller, in 7th grade, and I went from 128 pounds to around 148 in one year! When I was a teenager, I went on these fasts. Once, I didn’t eat for six days straight.

Until I started practicing law when I was 32, I was pretty much around 15-25 pounds over where I wanted to be, mostly from overeating (although I didn’t think I was!) at meals. I still had body confidence and felt good about myself. Then the stress of being a litigator turned me into a compulsive overeater and I gained another 40 lbs. Outside of work, it was some of the happiest times of my life. I got married and had my first child. But the way I coped with my emotions and work stress was with food. After I left the law firm, I still associated work stress with eating, and kept gaining weight, although at a slower rate. Eventually, I was about 65 pounds over my healthy weight. Like so many women, I had tried a ton of different diets over the 40 years that I was overweight, bought dozens of diet books, but never got permanent results.

The biggest thing was that I had learned how to stop emotional eating. I never even thought about whether either of those things were possible, let alone that they were possible. My work stress eating stopped. The weight came off and didn’t come back! That was four years ago. I’ve been very slowly losing more weight since then, just a few pounds. But not being in weight gain mode was a first for me. Keeping it off was a first.

Food has always been an important part of my life. I’m a gifted cook and baker, and love cooking and eating good food. So being able to eat what I love without gaining weight was life changing!

I was so excited about this that I wanted to teach everyone I knew who struggled with food and weight what I had learned. What I learned resonated so much with me-the thought work that was necessary to change our relationship with food and eating-that I immediately signed up with Brooke to become a certified life coach.


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