Jenny Eden Berk – Jenny Eden Coaching

Jenny was so raw and honest about her struggles as a chronic dieter wanting to fit the mold society pushes on us. Jenny dealt with hashimotos disease at age 15 on making the task of dieting that much more difficult. Her current struggle – helping her daughters learn to trust their bodies, their appetites and love and accept their bodies. No small feat! Learn about how she took her struggles and turned them around not only to help herself, but to help others!
In a culture obsessed with food and the “ideal” body image, Jenny offers men and women the chance to experience body love, pleasure with food again, greater self-esteem and total acceptance of self. Her work focuses on healing our often fraught relationship with our bodies and with tuning into intrinsic wisdom to learn how to nourish ourselves naturally and joyfully.  Jenny’s own journey of body-blame and food fear led her on a path of healing that inspired her to write her best-selling book, The Body Image Blueprint.  She earned her masters in psychology and education from the university of Pennsylvania and later went on to receive her certificate in Eating Psychology Coaching and Mindful Eating.  She resides in Boston with her husband, 3 spirited daughters and 2 kittens.  When she’s not coaching, she loves to travel, hike, cook and entertain and spend time with good friends and family and languish over a delicious meal and a deep talk.

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