Karen Gedney – ’30 Years Behind Bars, Trials Of A Prison Doctor’

Karen and I discuss her book ’30 years Behind Bars,’ Trials of a prison Doctor available on Amazon. We also discuss the time she was taken hostage by an inmate, assaulted, raped and ten hours later was rescued by a SWAT team who used a sledge hammer and a concussion grenade, killing the inmate, to get her out.

That was only 18 months into her 30 year stint as a prison doctor in Nevada. Despite a horrific situation early on, she advocates for prisoners re-entering society and a system that makes the success rate abysmally low.

We also discuss what it was like as a white woman marrying a black man in 1987 and why she wanted to become a doctor, as well as her upbringing and her outlook on life.

As an author, public speaker and mentor, she runs her business DRG Consulting where her goal is to help others and ask tough questions, giving her life a new purpose since retiring from the prison system.


“My mission in the next thirty years is to act as a catalyst to help change the current  paradigm of ‘corrections’ from one of punishment to one of prevention, healing and re-integration.  Prisons were designed to keep individuals behind bars until they had finished their sentence.  They were never designed as a system to address the complex societal problems that put individuals there in the first place nor help them re-integrate into society when they left.”

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