Amanda Semenoff – Mindful Resolution

Amanda has such a lovely way of viewing things so opposite of how many of us do. Kind of like working backwards. This allows her to view herself with more self-esteem, schedule her life in a way that gives her the most freedom financially and with her family. Battling Crohn’s Disease at a young age was incredibly tough. Amanda is brave and redirected what was a negative situation into something incredibly positive.

In college, Amanda got so sick she had to drop out in her last year. Battling chronic illness for nearly two years, she not only finally got a diagnosis, she turned what could have been devastating into something wonderful. Yes, she went back and finished her degree in Economics and International Microfinance, but decided it wasn’t the direction she would take. Instead, her diagnosis and subsequent relearning of her body, moved her into starting her own business in conflict resolution and Mindful Resolution was born.

Amanda has learned to say no, to have a positive body image, she’s learned to determine what’s important, how to be intentional about your decisions and minimizing things in your life to decrease your stress. These are just a few of the things used in her business and her personal life.

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