Natalie Epps – Beautifully You

Natalie is one of the brave women who is willing to be open about her struggle and it isn’t easy. Most of us get to hide behind our insecurities, but her struggle was a brain tumor and relearning how to make half of her face look normal. She is one of my heroes!

Find Natalie HERE to see the photo’s of her transformation. It’s brave, astonishing and I’m so proud to know her even a little. I’m grateful Natalie shares her story and mostly that she knows how beautiful she is.

Here are some bullet points about Natalie’s life in her words:
– I’ve lived in Ohio all my life
– met my husband at my church
– married in 2012 ( I have a great engagement story if we somehow wander there)
– we have two girls (3 and 2)
– I work in corporate America
– in 2012 a month before my wedding to the day, my dad died at 47. This was a really intense time for me and of course our new marriage. Also I’m the oldest of 4 kids so there were lots of feelings of needing to make sure they were ok.
– My first daughter was born a two years after his death during the same week (kinda cool redemption)
– I am diagnosed with a brain tumor a month after my second daughter was born
– surgery a month later
– woke up with total paralysis to the right side of my face with no prognosis from the doctors
– my husband was literally my hero during this time
– tons and tons of grieving and revelation happened during this period
– I start a blog to tell others how my journey is going
– I end up in total with 4 surgeries in 2 years
– no facial movement until 8 months in
– very slow progression (still healing as you’ll see)
– wrote devotional last sept that published dec 2017 (Beautifully You) detailing stories of trial and triumph in my life and relate it to others lives to release hope
– aspiring podcaster, still writing, have an online fb group

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