Kristen & Siya

These are two fantastic people! I personally follow them on YouTube and their blog/website so I asked them for an interview and they graciously said yes! Minimalists living big in a remodeled airstream, avid travelers, videographers (with awards), mentors to many they were a blast to have on the show.

What does it take to stay together for over 14 years? Since high school no less AND as minimalists living in a renovated airstream? That’s just a bit of what we touched on in our interview. Kristen and Siya have a following of travelers, minimalists, writers and video enthusiasts. Well traveled with SO MUCH information on how to do the same, a couple YouTube channels, a website with a blog and a clothing line, these two make being happy and running a business seem effortless.

Hopscotch the Globe is their website, and YouTube channels for Kristen’s Hopscotch and Siya’s personal channel are amazing. Once you surf, you understand why they’ve won awards and you’ll learn tons about who they are.

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