Melissa Monte – Mind Love

This interview was one of the wildest rides I’ve been on! It’s a life from a soap opera (actually, they’d be jealous!) that’s almost too crazy to fathom.

Melissa has been through a lot. Rape, losing her dad to lymphoma, surviving 8 years of bulimia, dating a meth addict who robbed houses, going to jail and a DUI to name the highlights.

Now Melissa has her own website : Mind Love, healed her eating disorder, becoming open minded with all the characteristics of a successful person. A morning routine, taking cold showers, meditation and a vegan lifestyle help her maintain her positivity and bounding energy.

This could be a (at least) two part series because we didn’t even discuss how she crashes Grammy parties, as well as Obama’s election dinner at George Clooney’s. We DID discuss being great in school, the books she loves, being a reiki healer and loving yoga and Ted Talks that go viral.

Here’s some info on Melissa:

Melissa is a certified yoga teacher and reiki healer. She’s also certified in Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving and she’s a student of Transcendental Meditation, as taught by the David Lynch Foundation.

Melissa Monte started her career in digital media and was the Vice President of a startup when she fully realized her passion of helping people become their best selves. Her countless hours of research and self-experimentation contribute to her her vast knowledge of improving the human condition.

She lives in Santa Monica with her husband; they have a dog named Maverick Danger that fills their hearts. She spends her free time doing yoga, slacklining, and drinking matcha lattes by the beach.


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