LifeAID Beverage with Dr Aaron Hinde

A fantastic conversation with Aaron with LifeAID beverage about life, finding balance with family, success and failure!

I loved how candid Aaron was about his life, family, finding balance (or lack thereof at times!), his business model and why he has almost zero staff turnover. We talked about how he met his wife, how much he absolutely loves her after 14 years and what he does to keep that spark alive. He discusses his morning routine (a must!) which I have since adopted with minor tweaks! What it takes to run a business from the ground up and my favorite quote of his: “Every overnight success is ten years in the making”

LIFEAID founders Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde first met in a Crossfit Box in Santa Cruz, California, in 2009. Melehan was a Certified Financial Planner and Hinde was a sports chiropractor who worked with many local athletes. A friendship was quickly struck, which later evolved into a business partnership. The two were convinced  that conscious consumers would start to demand alternatives to high sugar, high caffeine and artificial mass market drinks.

They were equally convinced that consumers were looking for more functionality than the caffeine found in energy drinks or isotonic sports drinks.  After months of brainstorming and collaboration, they created their vision for LIFEAID and funded it with a mere $30,000 apiece. Melehan’s financial expertise helped craft the business plan.  Hinde’s background in nutrition and chiropractic care proved essential when developing LIFEAID products as he worked with their team of a biochemist and beverage scientists. LIFEAID now makes six specially-formulated blends, plus a protein/carb food pouch  Fast forward to today and the company’s products can be found in hundreds of golf courses, ,thousands of gyms, and nationwide in fine retailers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Vitamin Shoppe.  FITAID is the official recovery drink of the 2017 CrossFit Games LIFEAID remains an independent brand run by its founders – not a subsidiary of a large beverage conglomerate.  That spirit of independence is reflected in their company culture, the products they offer and the communities they serve.

Find LifeAID HERE!!

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