Kristen Jaskulski

I am blessed to live in Reno and personally know Kristen, who is an amazing example of resilience. A girl who loved sports, Kristen had head injuries that ultimately led to a very risky surgery. The surgery was successful in removing a tumor due to her trauma, however the road to recovery was long and difficult. She found some answers from a trainer who sent her on a voracious path towards finding her well being in other cultures practices. Not only did this assist her recovery, it changed the trajectory of her life. She is the owner of Sol Kava – an amazing bar in Reno – and helping others.

About SolKava:

Bloomed and nurtured by entrepreneur and holistic health advocate, Kristen Jaskulski, Sol Kava Bar is an intimate space that inspires personal serenity and socialization.

Visit Sol and find yourself immersed in culture of collaboration, inspiration, community building and sharing.  Sol is a space to be present, show your truest colors, discover something new and be open.

At Sol our menu is built from consciously sourced, plant based organic ingredients. Our intent is always to have you leave feeling better than you arrived. Our ecommerce site has an evolving menu, with offerings from our global partners to assist in anxiety relief and stress management. Relax your Body. Clear your mind.

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