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Karyn is candid about her moms diabetes, watching her go blind, go through dialysis and a suicide attempt and ultimately losing her at the tender age of 15. She discusses her dads affair and how he moved on with the woman he was unfaithful with. She also talks about her own suicide attempt, feelings of failure that she wasn’t in a serious relationship, the desire to have children and the realization after 40 that she wouldn’t. After a diagnosis of clinical depression, medication and therapy, she’s a new woman. 

Five years later, single, childless and dealing with residual family issues, Karyn is better than good. She’s amazing!


I had a very interesting first act. I’ve lived in seven states, written a short film, traveled to London and South Africa, won big on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and carved out a great career as a corporate trainer and instructional designer.

I also lost my mother at age 15. I’ve done the things I have done because I know, for a fact, that tomorrow isn’t promised. I’ve watched too many people live with the dangerous assumption that tomorrow is a given. I don’t want to sound morbid but tomorrow definitely isn’t promised. So live now. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. It’s time to get started.

I went to school for journalism and I worked in radio for a few years. However, I wanted to do crazy things like afford gas and a decent place, so I transitioned into training. While, it doesn’t seem like a standard transition, in both journalism and training, you are breaking down complex topics so that your audience can understand what is being communicated.

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