Carmen Reed-Gilkison – Locally Rocks

I loved this interview! Camen was so raw about her life with alcoholic parents, her moms mental illness, her dads suicide, being a single mom, getting her GED at the same time as her daughter and being successful as an executive in the corporate world despite not graduating high school.

It was an amazing interview with SO much to discuss and I appreciate Carmen being so raw and authentic.

A little about what Carmen does:

You’re an ambitious business owner who loves serving your customers and clients.

You’re also worried that the big box stores, and online shopping sites are going to put you out of business.

You understand social media marketing exists, but you aren’t sure how it can help your business. You feel stuck.

You love your business and being a business owner, and you’re overwhelmed by these thoughts. They’re sucking the fun out of being a business owner.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. The internet is a tool that any business owner can use to achieve exponential growth in their business.

I’m here to help brick and mortar business owners and entrepreneurs level the playing field with social media marketing. The big box stores, and online shopping sites are using it, and you can too – in as little as five hours a week.

You read that right – in as little as five hours a week!


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