Jen Vertanen

Jen and I talked about being raised with a bipolar dad in dysfunction and abuse, fearing for her life.

Through trial and error Jen has learned how to Mother her children, be the best person, spouse, sister and daughter while feeling lonely and sifting through the baggage of her past. Through all this, she was a business coach and then meandered into launching her website where she focuses her efforts on her podcast, blog and coaching people on a more personal level.

Straight from Jen:


I was raised in an emotionally abusive house. My dad is severally mentally ill and my mom admits she was fairly checked out. I mean…my dad was not easy to live with so it’s hard to blame her other than she had 2 children depending on her. That sounds way snarkier than I mean it to. My mom was in the same emotionally abusive house trying to do the best she could.

I was 12-14ish when I was told my dad would find and kill us if we tried to leave so my mom decided we would stay. Knowing this was a risk, I still begged her to leave..hundreds of times through the years.

Not every memory of my dad is a bad one but man…do I have some stories from those days. 

Like most emotionally abused people, I tucked it deep down. I didn’t necessarily feel shame or as if I had asked for it somehow (as many victims do) but the invisible scars ran deep nonetheless.

I saw myself as the warrior (still do). I was the one strong enough (mentally and physically) to protect my mom and younger brother from the wrath and craziness of my father.

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