Olivia Baylor – Life Revisions

Olivia and I have a candid conversation about growing up in a tough neighborhood, how important education is, having balance in relationships – especially when kids are in the mix and how you can’t help everyone. 

I’m SO excited that Olivia is able to help people outside of where she’s licensed. Her book is now available via her website. It’s an amazing book of information and worksheets for any couple ready to take a pre-marriage class. Simply outstanding!

About Olivia:


Are you struggling with your identity and low self-esteem? Feel like you’re not good enough for others or can’t rely on yourself without questioning things? Let’s work together to revise your life! We love helping people achieve satisfaction in their lives. Come to therapy with a mindset to succeed and we will help you change your life for the better.


What qualifications do you have?

I have a BA in Psychology, MA in Criminal Justice, MS in Mental Health Therapy, Post-Bach Certification in Couples and Family Systems, Certification as a Certified Distance Counselor (DCC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC).

My specialization?

My areas of specialization include anxiety, gender identification, LGBTQ+, couples – including pre-marital, interracial and inter-religious, polyamory couples, police and authority personnel and military families. I offer therapy in person and via phone or video session.

What’s your counseling style?

As a therapist I work through an eclectic style, meaning I adjust my approach to your needs. I will challenge you to be your best through positive, goal-oriented techniques. I am currently accepting new clients and offer daytime and evening hours.

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