Brian & Carrie

I was looking forward to this interview with two genuine, raw and lovely individuals. We talked about depression, suicide, bankruptcy, dysfunction in relationships and getting through that to create a beautiful, successful marriage.

Brian and Carrie were so much fun to interview. They have so much information online but were willing to dig deeper with me about some tough subject matter. I found out which one of them didn’t know they were getting married, how the surprise wedding happened and why they decided it was right for them. We discussed divorce, moving, owning your own businesses, being the best coaches they can be and two pretty incredible human beings. It was an honor to share their journey.

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From their website:

It amazes us how many people still think that all they need is a better “diet”, “training program”, “marketing strategy”, “business tactic” or “self-help book” to have the success they want. Is some or all of that stuff important? Most of the time, yes. But the biggest limitation to your success has been, is and forever will be… You. You’re your own greatest obstacle. But…You’re also the most powerful solution there is. Let’s eliminate your limits and find that solution. Together.

Brian & Carrie

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