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Friendship, sexuality, moving on and laughing among many other things discussed will remind you how integral your own friendships are.
It would have been difficult for me to drill down what to spend time talking to Joseph about but he was unwavering. Friendship. With everything he’s done in his life – from writing, producing and acting in productions, to literacy and money management with foster kids, to travelling the world,  being a parent and on and on – we could have discussed a ton of different things. To Joseph friendship has been one of the more important journeys in his life and for his willingness to share, I am grateful.
Sierra Association of Foster Families in Reno, NV is lucky to have Joseph. Executive Director – Joseph A. Galata, is a retired university faculty member, a former Representative to the NGO Social-Economic Council of the United Nations, a television and radio journalist with educational programming, an Arts and Media Education Specialist, Grief Counselor and Coach, and international key note speaker/workshop and seminar facilitator.

SAFF has 12 academic tutors providing tutoring in the homes of foster parents and birth parents for children and teens in the foster care system.  These tutors are advanced level university students majoring in medicine, education, engineering, health sciences, languages, as well as licensed county school teachers.

SAFF works with independent contractors in the fields of media and arts.

SAFF’s Board of Directors consists of licensed foster parents, crisis call counselor, community volunteer fireman/woman, marriage and family therapist, social worker, and members of other helping professions.

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  1. Wonderful interview. Thanks Jenn and Joseph. What a great topic… friendship. This is a must-hear interview for any baby boomer. Thanks for sharing your friendships and laughter with the rest of us! ~Phil

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