Colin Wright


Colin is not only a minimalist, he travels with two carry-on’s and that’s pretty much all he owned for the years he asked his followers to vote on where he should move. Not only would he move there, he lived like a native and immersed himself in his new culture. His photography is breathtaking and he continued to write not only in his blog, but wrote several books along his travels. We chatted about the relationship that taught him he was living a life he didn’t want, the planned break-up and his new lease on life. He discussed how he travels inexpensively, wrote to bring in money while he traveled why he’s so enamored with the world, what his relationships traveling look like and settling down. One of my favorite minimalists who helped me when I was on my own journey, it was great to be able to thank him for his contribution.

Colin is someone I haven’t met but consider a kindred spirit. Minimalist, world traveler, author, businessman and all around great guy.

Colin’s advice on living your true life: there are going to be roadblocks, and there are going to be moments where you wonder what the hell you’re doing with your time, but what you do in those moments is what determines how well you’ll do long-term. What could possibly stop you if you want to make it all happen, and are willing to put in the time and effort?

Keep it up, and enjoy the journey = my best advice

Find him at and on Twitter @colinismyname and once you find him, read his stuff. It’s fantastic. If you email him, he will reply promptly and in person. I’ve lived vicariously through his travels (which were decided upon via his followers voting) and discussed our mutual minimalistic lifestyles. It was a pleasure to interview him but more to know him even just a little

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