Someday I Will……

That elusive someday. Always putting off the things we “want” to do for the things we “have” to do. I recently watched the movie Paper Towns with several of the teenagers and it was a great conversation starter.


“Would you be mad if we took your car for a 2-3 day road trip without asking?” Yes, but I want you to have great adventures so that’s a tough one.
“Who is right? the girl or the boy?” Both. The boy plays everything safe and the girl wants all of life to be an adventure. It’s great when you can be responsible and have fun.
“If we went to a party and got drunk, could we call you?” Yes. Absolutely. Always. Just know that I’m not disappointed but worried. Also know I’m taking video and pictures and will use it against you. Always be safe. Always call me. The consequences of doing anything else will be worse than my wrath ever could be. Drinking, drugs, sex and being wild isn’t what you end up realizing is a great adventure.


The part in the movie that we discussed the most was how the girl thought that everything had to be a mysterious adventure and the boy was absolutely rigid. Adventure isn’t just where you go, or that it’s mysterious. All of life is an adventure. Growing up, since I always get lost (I’m not kidding, I back out of the driveway going the wrong direction) I called it an adventure. My “famous” quote is: “It’s OK, I’ve been lost here before”. Instead of being frustrated or scared, I just roll with the fact that I innately have zero sense of direction. This hasn’t stopped me from doing anything. I’ve traveled through parts of Canada, through Alaska and across the US several times.


There’s nothing wrong with being responsible, however that looks to you. I know someone who is single in his 30’s and travels for a living, writing about it. I have friends who’s goal is to climb every mountain (and doing it together) and another who’s desire is to circumnavigate the earth in a sailboat. While these seem like big adventures and anything less pales in comparison, all of life is an adventure if we choose to view it as such. I agree with the girl in the movie that doing what you believe is expected of you – good grades, college, marriage, 2.4 kids, the house in the suburbs – isn’t necessarily right for everyone. You won’t arrive at a place in your life when now you’re happy. Now you’ve reached the place. You create the place and find your own happy and if you’re blessed enough to make it all an adventure, you’ve done well.


I’m guessing I’m part gypsy since it’s very difficult for me to sit still. Moving to a new place doesn’t bother me and I want to see everything. I always thought it would be great to have a home base to live at and from there travel to see everything (and maybe I still will), but my adventure was different. My adventure was being a young parent and not screwing it up too badly. My adventure was making a difference to kids because someone made a difference to me, my adventure was having a huge family and trying to balance it all. My adventure included surprises like getting divorced, moving to places I never would have chosen (and what a great adventure that was!), learning to cook in massive volume and wanting to make all of it fun. I became a runner somewhere in there, I’ve had some amazing opportunities and some tragic disappointments. My adventure was absolutely of my choosing and I’m certain I’ve made a mess of some of it and how great is that?! That’s part of the adventure.


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  1. I love love love this post! It’s like additional air to breath through! Sounds so true and genuine. Life IS the adventure. To me too!

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