Keep What’s Important

There are things I’ve been lugging around, saving, keeping for a long time. One Rubbermaid bin of items that were sentimental and I knew I would use. This bin could have been tossed at any time in the last ten years, but I couldn’t let it go. It was labeled “Baby Toys” and contained my favorite toys that I got for my kids when they were babies. The oldest toy turns 23 this Christmas and was a gift my now 23 year old daughter “opened” when she was 8 months old.


I’ve pulled the bin out every now and then when one of my girls was babysitting, or a friend with a little one came by.  Lately, though it’s gotten a lot of use.  A few months ago I brought the bin in, went through it, cleaned everything and gave these things a new home in a Longaberger basket. Some things I may wonder why I’ve hung on to, but this basket I’m glad I kept. A young woman that I worked with has a 19 month old baby that we watch a lot. Our family has adopted Ana (who is a year younger than my oldest daughter) and her baby Sophia. Watching Sophia play with the toys that I remember my kids playing with brings me a lot of joy. Then Christopher – my 23 year old “son” who aged out of foster care with me – has been bringing his 14 month old little boy Ryan over.


Having little one’s in the house again has been an amazing reminder of why I’m glad I don’t have little ones anymore, but more a reminder of the joy they bring. Minimalism is about keeping what brings you joy in whatever way that is. Seeing these toys scattered all over the living room most definitely brings joy and I’m glad I’ve kept the things I have.


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