My Pinterest Has ADD

I did it again. I went on Pinterest. I loooooove visiting, but I only go on sparingly because I know I’ll be sucked in. Not in a bad habit way, I learn great things, read articles, find information. It’s awesome. But still, I know an hour (or more) can go by in a blink so I am cautious. This is what I noticed today. Pinterest is in my head. On my feed I see “get a tighter butt”, “habits of elite runners”, “how to stay fit in your 40’s” and right next to those are “artichoke spinach dip that will blow your mind”, “cheesy garlic bread”, “sinful mac and cheese”. How will I keep that great butt if I’m dipping chips in the artichoke dip? In another category that I love, I read “minimize your closet”, “tiny house ideas”, “12 things you own too many of” and right next to that I read, “closet must haves”, “you can never own too many sweaters”, “dream home closet”. So my Pinterest has ADD.  Or I do.

Minimize time

Minimize time

Such is life. We are pulled in many different directions constantly. Own this, get this, you need this, buy this, get healthier, be more, be better, do it all and if you can’t, here’s a new brain drug that’s non addictive and will increase your energy, stamina, sexual prowess, ability to do more. It’s conflicting how much is thrown at us.


There’s a common misconception in minimizing.  We focus hard on the things we should get rid of instead of mindfully considering what should be kept. Minimizing is more about surrounding yourself with what makes you happy – however that looks for you – and less about having so little you’re miserable. Minimalism isn’t for everyone and it isn’t always easy. I’ve gotten rid of two things that I miss.  One is an over-sized chair we all sat in to read and cuddle. It needed to go because it was beat up and eventually I’d like to replace it (along with the couches). Another thing I miss is a desk/secretary set I used every day. We just didn’t have a place for it and I felt guilty keeping it in the garage, taking up space for “maybe someday”. What we have all learned is what space is used and important to us in a home. This is a great thing because we can look for a home to buy that gives us even more of the right space.


With clothing, the capsule wardrobe hasn’t worked for me. Instead – after trying the capsule for a while – I decided to leave all my clothing out but to keep the number of items I own to under 150.  I included belts, purses, shoes and coats in that number and only kept out pj’s, athletic wear, super dressy clothing and skivvies. I have found that although my number is higher than other minimalists, it works for me. I am more mindful of what I own and I am continuously evaluating, downsizing and donating. Courtney Carver with Be More with Less talks about having a capsule wardrobe and how it defines and changes your style which is most definitely true. I got rid of about 80% of my clothing, shoes and accessories and I’ve replaced the majority of my wardrobe with items that fit my style and personality better. It’s quite an amazing journey.

Pinterest and blogs have helped me tremendously to define how minimalism works for me, but be cautious of the overload.

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