Cold Weather Running

It’s cold here in Reno. But not always. Within a week I ran in weather that was in the 50’s, the 30’s, the 20’s and the teens – not in that order. There was wind up to 20 mph that I ran in and once it rained.  I opted out on the day it was raining and 30 mph winds, but otherwise, I’m game.  The problem I have is figuring out what to wear.  Not in a “geez, my shoes should really match my belt” sort of way, but in a how many layers this time?????  If weather is consistent, it’s easy but when it’s jumping around all the time I have layering ADD.  

This is the best (and easiest) chart I’ve found and it’s accurate.

Weather chart!!

Weather chart!!

I tend to dress a little warmer than most people.  When everyone is talking about being heated up, I’m still chattering.  Still, this is a great chart.  Anything below 30* I add disposable hand warmers, below 20* I also add a liner to my gloves.  Below about 15* I wear my cross country ski pants over tights instead of double pants and my top layer is a light weight down jacket.  It’s not just the layers, it’s what the layers are.  I have tights that have fleece lining and are warmer and some that are super lightweight.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to get dressed to run.

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