Set Goals and Be Nice!!

My team – Endurance Reno – is a small group of people I consider elite athletes.  I am in awe of them daily – not only their accomplishments but the devotion and support we show each other. When entering a race it is with the understanding that I will most likely finish in the top 10% and often place in my age division – a fantastic accomplishment.  On my team, however, about 80% of my teammates are faster than I am and I never feel less than.

The Wednesday team is the R5K team and has several more people.  When the season started up, it was time to get to know another group of faces all ready to work hard.  That first practice several weeks ago was an inaugural run for some and the energy – as well as the nerves- ran high.  I had never met several of my shiny new teammates, but on our team, you love them anyway.  For those of us that are on the Endurance team, when we finish, we use our cool down to assist anyone slower to finish.  It’s important to have goals and push ourselves individually but there’s no reason not to be nice.

Me with Melissa

Me with Melissa at girls night out.  Nice nighttime fuzzy shot!!

When the team had a girls night out (epic fun and necessary to do again – soon!!), one of my newer teammates, Melissa, told me “I love you, girl!!  From the first practice and every single practice since, you’ve run me in!!  You are my sister!”  I hadn’t realized that every practice I paired myself with her and ran her in, but it made me so happy, since then I’ve made sure I do.  Every week I’m excited to hear her progress – she’s down 23 pounds and now considers herself a runner (rightly so!).  This week we did a timed 5K on the track.  For those of you who don’t want to count, it’s 12.5 times around.  It’s a mental battle for me to count each lap – so much more difficult than just running 3.1 miles on the street.  I finished my laps and found Melissa.  On her final lap, I jumped in with her to run her in.  It was the first time she had completed a 5K without stopping!!!!!!  Speed comes with time, but endurance is more difficult to build in my opinion and this was an enormous milestone for her.  From the woman who had never run a lap to completing a 5K without stopping in a matter of weeks is amazing.  Kind of like her!!

Melissa and Me after she finished!!!  You go girl!!

Melissa and Me after she finished!!! You go girl!!

What an amazing accomplishment!!!  I love this new girl!!!

What an amazing accomplishment!!! I love this girl!!!


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