How To Be A Complete And Utter Dork!!

It’s not hard. Just do like I do – don’t brush your hair or put on makeup when you wake up. Wear an old sweatshirt with no bra and bike short liners.  Not just any liners.  Wear a pair that’s super high waisted and cuts off the circulation in your thighs.  Because your thighs are so buff of course.  Since the padding is already built in to the crotch/butt area, it automatically adds to the dork scenario you’re already rocking.  Throw in some white socks to top off your outfit.  BAM!!!!  Did I get the Garmin to synch??  Nope.  I’m technologically clueless with Pete’s Garmin and I would rate myself as pretty capable in that department.  Brain fart.  Did I get the DVD player to work??  Nope.  Weird since I’m the one that usually fixes that stuff in our house.  So I did 40 minutes of really lame, totally weak and wimpy bike riding on my trainer.

Another fantastic self portrait!!  I'm probably entering a pro competition as this has fast become a sport

Another fantastic self portrait!! I’m probably entering a pro competition as this has fast become a sport.  Or teaching a self photography 101 class.  At least I”m better at clipping my shoes in and out.  So difficult!!

I know, I know.....  You can't stop singing "Sexy And I Know It"!!  Me either!!

I know, I know….. You can’t stop singing “Sexy And I Know It”!! Me either!!

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