Not Exactly A PR

Morning run with my team!! 16 miles was slated, however it ended up being only 14 miles which was fine with everyone.  We met at 7 am with the temperature vacillating between -1* and 0*.  Regardless, that’s freaking cold.  Coldest temperature I’ve run in that I’m aware of.  Ridiculously, stupid cold.  Even with hand warmers my fingers actually hurt the first two miles.  They either warmed up enough to just be miserable or the numbness kicked in.  Not sure which.  Eyelashes froze together, everyone was covered in “condensation dust” – ice crystals on our clothing from heat dissipating.  Most of the run was on a dirt road covered in snow and ice which was fabulous for footing (Frank fell twice, the rest of us stayed upright – barely!) and I was glad I decided to wear trail shoes.  Wild mustangs were out in abundance so we – quite literally – ran through them, with them, etc…

We stopped for an open bathroom at about mile 6 which was desperately needed although I wasn’t sure I could get my pants down, back up or tied – managed to do a crappy job but cover myself.  I never unzipped or removed anything because I never warmed up all the way.  At mile 12 I thought I would bonk but it was more a steady feeling of being done without actually hitting the wall.  Extreme temperatures make running more challenging.  I prefer hot temps so the challenges for me in the cold are more clothing which is cumbersome, not being able to increase my body temp enough to be comfortable.  Additionally, snow and ice make for difficult footing – worse than trail running and much more exhausting.  Very rewarding however.  At our half marathon mark, I told Pete it was one of the slowest halves I’ve run at 2:07.  Also one of the more gratifying.

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