The Run That Wasn’t

One of my favorite people and running partners is my teammate Olivia. Yesterday she messaged me to see if I was game to come to her house this morning for a slow 10 mile run. Slow for her so I can keep up is what that translates to, but if she doesn’t mind, neither do I…..

Olivia and me in our team gear post 8 mile run!!!

Olivia and me in our team gear!!!  We’re awesome!!!

The roads were so awful last night that I was a little – more than a little – concerned about driving this morning.  I got up and started getting ready and this is what I saw:




Ready to go in my BodyRock sports bra and Jessica Moto leggings!!!

SO, instead of going out for our run – which I would have loved – I took an extra long shower, went to breakfast with Chris and went to work.  Sometimes you have to save it for another day.



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  1. I had to laugh at your pink outfits, I mean you won’t have to worry about visibility from others including drivers. visibility is important. getting run over would ruin your day. lol

    1. It’s part of our team clothing!! Saucony’s new line. They’re awesome!!! We do quite a bit of early morning and night running so visibility is a must! Be jealous if you must but you can buy a matchy matchy shirt and send me a pic!!

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