How To Look Super Pretty

For a woman who is a complete priss and diva sometimes I just amaze myself. This is my perfect scenario: Big, rambling house – maybe a ranch – on several acres. If I got really into the fantasy I’d have a trail around the entire property that would measure a ten mile loop. I could mountain bike, run, quad, etc……. Yup. I’d also have someone hired. Here we go: Someone who meal plans and does a volume of the cooking with me and is a fitness trainer.  Naturally with all that meal planning and eating and exercise I’d have to have someone clean the house for me…..  My new job would be writing – since I’m obviously amazing at it – but I’d get paid for real.  The “ranch” – aptly named something like Cynosura (north star) or Camelot – would be in close proximity to a city larger than Reno so I could actually wear my Prada shoes, get dressed to the nine’s for dinner, the opera or symphony, the art galleries, etc….  There is no wind there and the temps are not above 95* or below 40*.  The surrounding mountains are covered in snow, however, so I get the beauty without the hassle.  Basically I’m a country girl who loves the amenities of the city.  I like to wear old sweatshirts and jeans with mud boots and be outside but I want to shop.  I like to work hard, but I know what things I’d give up if I could.  I adore fashion and culture and in those areas I’d rate myself as a snob.  And yet, here I am in a lovely self portrait while using my trainer:

Bringing sexy back right here!!

Bringing sexy back right here!!  This is what happens when I go to the basement Family Room alone with my trainer.  Couldn’t get the DVD to work to use my bike DVD’s, my Garmin didn’t synch but I did have water and my iPhone music…..  For someone who likes to try really hard but not often succeed look pretty, it’s amazing that I post pictures like this.   Similar to my fantasy home life my fantasy bike life looks more like this:


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