Going Bananas!!!

A friend of mine recently asked me if we liked bananas. YES!!! He had some to give away. I went to pick them up and almost passed out……  Two cases.  Probably about 200 bananas.  We gave some away and ate them until we all felt like bananas.  When they started to turn brown we got busy.  We put 1 1/2 bananas in each ziplock baggie to freeze.  That way, we can use a bag for smoothies or use 2 bags for a loaf of banana bread.  We set aside 24 bananas to make 8 loaves of bread….  Good times.  Good news??  We didn’t put them to waste!!!  Nothing better than going bananas with your kids!!

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  1. You should have cut the bananas up before freezing them. They chop up much easier in the blender that way! Whenever bananas go on sale I buy a ton and freeze them. They’re also good in oatmeal, throw them in while it’s cooking.

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