Like A Virgin

I did my first ever swim today. I know HOW to swim – as in tread water to get the thumbs up from the camp counselor to have permission to splash in the lake. I’ve never done laps or had any structure or direction.

Going clubbing!!!

Going clubbing!!!  At 5:30 am baby!!

For my first time ever things went pretty well.  I ripped my swim cap in the locker room.  Never even got it on.  Beautiful.  All my other gear was perfect although I don’t know how to use it….  Yet.

Pre swim.  Let's get this party started!!!

Pre swim. Let’s get this party started!!!  I have one more suit to try but I bought a BodyRock Sport triathlon suit as part of my $200 reward for being BodyRock Family of the Year!!

I used my kick board which I actually liked.  I used the buoy between the thighs which was weird and hard because I had to concentrate on NOT kicking and using my legs.  I liked my goggles and it was nice to see everything!!!  I’ve never worn a small pair for doing laps.  The hand paddles messed up my stroke – I felt like I was “tripping” on them but I can see how they’d be helpful when I get it right.

Which way to the pool???

Which way to the pool???  Or is it the gun show??!!  Frank and Lupe trying to kick my butt!!

I completed everything Coach threw at me.  Maybe not really well, but I did it.  Coach videotaped me swimming and gave me some pointers.  He said once I’ve come to a few swimming practices, he’ll break down my swimming stroke and we can really dig in.  Sweet!!!  I really liked the way it felt to use so many of my muscles with no impact and that relaxed, tired, pool drunk feeling I walked away with.

You could look this good after a swim too!!!!

You could look this good after a swim too!!!!  Need a tissue??



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