Party On Dude!!!

My team was supposed to meet at 5 pm Thursday night for a short run, then a birthday party (my coaches wife)/Christmas party/come see coaches new house party…. Any excuse to hang out with these crazies and I’m on board!!  This group has fast become some of my favorite people – fortunate since we spend quite a bit of time together.  SO, I got to the run – nearly out of gas and 4 minutes late and saw them all running down the road….  4 MINUTES LATE!!!  I drive quite a ways to come to training so I was bummed.  Then I figured since we usually run the same route, I’d run it backwards until I came to the fork and wait.  Well, they went a different way entirely so I waited nearly 25 minutes freezing my butt off and ran back to my car just a minute before they all showed up.  Bummed.  Totally, completely bummed.  Usually we give people a few minutes to show up late but this time that didn’t happen.  My fault for being late, but still…  I’ve never been upset to wait for a teammate.  It’s not just the drive, it was missing out on the run itself.  Instead of throwing a BF (bitch fit for those of you who are White Chicks fans), I decided to go get gas and head to the party.  Didn’t get the memo – everyone went home to shower and change pre-party.  Oh, well, they got me in my running clothes with my hair in a ponytail and I didn’t care one bit.  These are some fantastic people!!

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