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This is just a little blog in Reno, NV about running and my family. It’s relatively new comparatively speaking and since I don’t get paid to write and I’m not aggressive about getting the word out, it’s relatively sleepy. Sure, I have grand dreams of thousands of followers hanging on my every sarcastic, hilarious word and getting a fat check that allows me to not only stay home and write for a living but shop like the diva that I am. Alas, until that ship comes in (and I’m pretty sure it’s sailed) I’ll continue to plug along doing what I do….

Me being me!!

Me being me!!

I have been featured several times this year despite my blog being small.  Amazing, I know.  I was also asked in July to be part of a local running team – Endurance Reno – which is an honor.  Here’s the big list that will probably have the paparazzi hiding in the bushes by my driveway – again!:

Skinny Runner blogRoad ID
BodyRock Sport BodyRocker of the month (plus several times on their Facebook page)
Spartacus – Facebook page.  My blog won a contest.  Yes, totally random but fun
Dorothy Beal’s Mile-Post blog via Facebook
Pace Per Mile – Reno
Steve Good’s – A Good Run blog
RecoFit Sports
Complete Nutrition
Fitmark Ambassador
Natures Bakery Athlete

Of course, there were some things I tried to be featured on, or teams I applied to be sponsored for that I didn’t get but it feels nice that just being me – a 42 year old wife with 13 kids that call me mom, a hairdresser and woman on the run sparked such a wonderful following.  This little blog was started and is maintained so that I can verbally vomit what’s going on in my life predominantly about running.  It’s fun, it’s cathartic, it’s entertaining so I’ll keep on keeping on setting goals, sharing some of my life.  Who knows what the future holds??

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