Make A Freaking Decision!!!

My birthday is coming up December 15th.  I know, you all have your pen and paper out ready to write down my wish list and get out there and shop.  Thank you, but that’s not what this is about.  Usually this is how my bday goes down…..  I figure out what I want, I purchase it, I give it to my older daughter, she calls in all the kids, they get to see it, they all wrap it, I open it and act surprised.  This is a good system.  It puts no pressure on Chris or the kids to figure out what I want.  I SO dislike when women complain about how their partner just “doesn’t get them” and always screws up the holidays.  Seriously?  I don’t “get” what Chris wants, we are adults the last I checked and why would I want to set my husband up for certain failure???  So what if he doesn’t know??  He has a general idea just like I do for him.  He’s a wakeboard freak but in no way do I feel competent to make a purchase for him.  I’d have to ask him.  IN addition wish lists  often change.  What I want today might be superseded by something else tomorrow.  Maybe I got a screaming deal on Ebay and already purchased it or maybe an opportunity presented itself like when I got my bike trainer that changed the priority order?  I’m female after all.  You never know when the winds of change will blow.

At any rate, my birthday.  42 in case you were wondering.  How that happened, I’ll never know but when my 12 year old said that telling people I”m 28 for the 14th time actually sounds older than 42, I listened….  So I am actually turning 42.  Yikes!

I’ve wanted a Kindle Fire HD for a while.  I love, love, love my old kindle.  Upgrading isn’t necessary, but the HD Fire has web capability so maybe I wouldn’t have to take my laptop with me everywhere.  If I could blog, email, Facebook, etc.. on it it would reduce my load and streamline things for me PLUS I’d be able to continue my voracious reading habit.  Naturally, I want the 8.9″  So Chris asked if this is what I want for my bday.  Why yes, yes it is!!

Yeah baby!!

On a side note, I’ve been wanting to get a new dog.  Puppy actually, although the thought of another young one makes me sigh and brace myself for the work.  Our 3 dogs are 11 and no longer running companions.  Their health isn’t bad yet, but they’re definitely going downhill.  I’d like to get a new dog now so she’s very socialized and my dogs good behaviors are there to reinforce.  My kids are all older now and (so they say) are ready to pitch in.  We’ve been presented with 3 dogs in the last 6 months and it just hasn’t been right for one reason or another.  But now….

Uh, yeah, she’s cute!! The dog isn’t bad either!! HAHAHA!!

Some friends of Bri’s found this girl wandering the streets.  She came to the house, met the dogs (not the kids!!) and spent some time with us.  She’s at the shelter now so if she has owners they have 5 days to claim her.  She’ll also get shots, microchip and hopefully is old enough to get fixed.  On Monday we can pick her up or decide to allow someone else to adopt her.  BUT (here’s the catch) to get a new dog, the kennel, leash, etc …  I don’t get the kindle.  It’s one of the other.  Crap.


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