A blog I follow – Another Mother Runner – did an article on what a mother runner looks like. Part 2 came out today and I’m in it!! Yes, I’m wearing BodyRock Sport bra and Running Skirts skirt. The picture was taken after the Running With The Bears half marathon this past August. I finished 14th overall, 4th female and 1st in my age division.

This picture has been all over the internet lately. It’s awe inspiring!!!

One of my favorite things about running is that there is no “running body”.  At any start line you may be able to pick out the elite runners and the runners who will struggle, but the vast percentage of runners you can’t gauge.  That means anyone can be a runner – there are no stipulations.  How fantastic is that??!!  So get out there and get your run on!!!

What a mother runner looks like. 7 pregnancies, hysterectomy, 41 years old.

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  1. I finished my first half a couple weekends ago and that was one of the things I was in awe of. Every body type at every stage of the race. There’s something about that that’s empowering!

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