Gypsy Heart

I’ve lived in so many places and traveled so much that you’d think I’m part gypsy. With the exception of Canada, I’ve never been outside of the USA and although I feel fortunate to have seen a lot, there’s still so much to see!!  I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a home that I love and use it as a base to travel from.  Lack of money, a spouse and kids interrupted that dream from being realized but it still lurks in the depths of my mind.  I have a list of places I’d like to visit but honestly, I’d probably pick up and go nearly anywhere.  Running makes traveling a more rich and unique experience because it enables you to see the country side from an uncommon vantage point.  One more reason to travel!!

I still have the same limitations on my travel dreams as I have for nearly 20 years but that hasn’t deterred my vision of seeing far off places.  In my mind, I’m already gone….  Here’s to success!!

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