Back To Reality

When I woke up this morning and called the airport it was 32* with no wind. Ahh… 60* weather I will yearn for you but I’m extremely grateful for no wind. I’ll take pretty much any weather if wind is not involved.  Weather in the 30’s is actually pretty nice. Not so cold you think you’re breathing in ice chips and have to break out the polar ice cap gear.  Pleasant actually.  Several of my teammates were at Reno Running Company this morning again which is fantastic.  More people = less chance I’ll get lost.  For real.

Some of my teammates at RRC!

We logged 5.88 miles slow since most of them are training for CIM marathon next weekend and are beginning to taper.  Who am I to not be supportive of that??!!  I HAD to run slow to be supportive!  I’m just that great a teammate and friend.  You’re welcome.  The run (as always) is hilly – those long, slow, unending hills but it felt so extraordinary to be outside and running!!!

Hey money maker!! Lunch is still NOT on me!

Oh, yes, our tree is up. Fun times last night with the family!!


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