There’s so much controversy about stretching and running. Before? After? During? At the finish line? At the stop lights when you’re waiting for the light to change?  When you’re pretending you’re not waiting for a slower runner?  When you want to ditch someone who won’t stop talking while running??  SO MANY OPTIONS!!!

I stretch when I feel like I need to which is probably not often enough.  Just a guess.  Actually I try to stretch quite often. My coach has us stretch and teaches us specific stretching techniques which forces me to be more limber but I always feel like I need more. Yoga!!!!  I don’t utilize yoga as often as I should but it’s a fantastic way for us runners to get in the stretching we so need.   Utilizing a DVD is the easiest way for me to do yoga.  Planning on stretching before having that tight, uncomfortable feeling is best so get your stretch on!!!

Yoga anyone??  BodyRock Sport Maya Yoganista Collection sport bra, Show ‘Em Who’s Boss Cargo Leggings and Ruby Gloves. Ready for anything stretching and a quick workout circuit!!

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