It’s A Reno Thing


Reno weather is never the same.  If you don’t like it – wait – it’ll change.  In the last week I’ve run in 42* with 25 mph winds, 30*, 23* with 15 mph winds and today I ran in 61*.  Go figure.  I never put away winter or summer clothes because, quite honestly, I might need them.  In the winter these warmer days give enough reprieve from the cold that I can tolerate the few months of bundling up.  Barely.  I was psyched we got some nice temps on a day off.  Time for a run!!!!  Just 4  miles by my house but getting out is getting out.  In the 60* range, it’s bliss!

Oiselle Roga shorts and BodyRock Sport Giselle bra – love the weather!!

I got to wear the only running shorts I like.  Oiselle Roga Shorts.  Also (as always) wearing a BodyRock Sport bra.  This was the first one I bought – the Giselle – and I still love her just as much as when I got her.  On the agenda today was a 4 mile run.  We park the car almost 2 miles down the street from our house, run past the house to the end of our road and turn around.  We can see the kids quite a bit since our house is up on a hill and they were all outside playing today so I got yelled at as I ran past.  Awesome-ness!

Oiselle’s Roga shorts are the only running shorts I wear. BodyRock’s Giselle bra was my first BodyRock love and I still feel special putting it on. Now if I could RUN like a gazelle….

There are 3 large hills the first two miles going up and 3 small hills going down.  Once I hit the turn around I know it’s (almost) all downhill from there.  I did stop at my driveway for water (and a picture) but otherwise it was a steady run.  When I ran past the second time and was headed down the street I heard one of the kids yell “Hey Mom!!  Can we have some ice cream?”  I yelled back “Yes!” thinking they probably wouldn’t hear me but with the hoots of excitement that followed, I figured when I got home we’d be out of ice cream.

Taylor biked about 6 miles with me today with all the back and forth he did. Love that.

I averaged 8:31 minute miles.  Thought it would be a little faster, but I wasn’t racing anyone.  A mile is a mile.  It felt fantastic to get out in the phenomenal weather we had today, spend time with the kids, watch them play outside.

Kezia was on camera duty today. She’s the bomb!! Here we are post run.  Thanks Kez!!

Back shot. Take THAT Roga shorts!! 



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