Back To Being Selfish and Rude!!

Kidding!! I try to be thankful every day, not just during the holidays. Honestly I do. When Bri was born over 20 years ago, life took on new meaning. I was no longer living for myself or my spouse. What I did – who I am – would shape this little person. Doing foster care for so many years was a constant reminder of how tough life can be – just in case I had forgotten my own childhood.  I fall short all the time, but I do strive to be better, be a good example and my kids certainly allow me to feel that more acutely.

Thanksgiving is a mixed holiday for me.  There’s so much planning and preparation.  So much hype, enthusiasm and excitement attached to this day.  After spending so much money on the food and taking so much time, it feels like I blink and it’s over.  To counteract this feeling, I don’t get worked up, never take on more than I feel comfortable with and make it a very family involved holiday.  Everyone helps cook and clean up.  We play music and share in the event.  We invite “stragglers” – people who don’t have family locally.  Usually it’s a hodge podge of people.  This year was very low key – same food, just very relaxed.  It was delightful.  For that I am truly thankful.  Now…..  On to Christmas decorating!!

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