In My Mind, I’m Already Gone….

In my mind, I’m already gone.  I love that line. It was a line Kramer from Seinfeld used with his usual Kramer flair and I’ve stolen it ever since. Double meaning….  Just love that!

This picture was in Runners World December 2012 issue. “Taken in Boardman, OR; open to runners just one day annually for a 5K/10K in mid November, the GreenWood Tree Farm has 25,000 acres of poplars, bare and bewitching come winter. Blanketed by faded leaves, the flat terrain only enhances the forest’s uniformity.” ‘Surreal and mesmerizing’ is how it’s described.  I WANT TO GO!!!!  Now I’m thinking about all the events that I’d like to do someday……

In my mind, I’m already gone…..

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