Great Basin Brew 40 Mile Relay

I was really looking forward to this event.  Great Basin’s inaugural race, a race in November, a fantastic team, most of my running teammates participating, 40 miles with a 4 person team each doing 2 legs.  SWEET!!!

My team!!  Jodi, Pete, Me, Amber.  3 Racks and a Sack

My team – 3 Racks and a Sack – got there early and ready to go.  There was great energy and the check in was smooth and easy.  With a 50 team cap, it wasn’t a large race.  It was 33* at the start and I was leg 1 so I bundled up and planned on feeling cold for the first couple miles which I did with aplomb.  The temps warmed up and within a couple hours it was about 60*, sunny with relatively no wind which makes for perfect race conditions.  It was absolutely beautiful out.

Team 3 Chicks, 1 Dick. I was running my second leg when this was taken!!  It was our goal for our Racks and Sack to beat them.

The transitions were easy, the maps were great and directions for each leg were OK – I would have written things out a little differently to make it more direct and understandable.  Vehicle directions were perfect.  On my first leg, if there hadn’t been a man in front of me who evidently knew where he was going, I would have gotten lost.  On my second leg I added .4 miles due to getting lost.  Jodi on one of her legs added an extra mile and had to call us twice lost.  Pete has a sense of direction like a GPS so he was fine and Amber had to stop, pull out her directions and consult with another runner so as not to get lost on both legs.  That’s my only complaint for this event.  From speaking with the race coordinators that morning, they really felt as though there was enough course support, but I disagree.  At every transition point people complained about getting lost.  When running an event, I don’t want to have to carry directions and a phone in the event I don’t know where I’m going.  I want to run on zombie mode and just go.  Signs, arrows on cones and people more strategically placed would have made this race absolutely seamless.  I’m not winning a race like this and perhaps not even keeping track of my time, but I don’t want to have to think…..  We went from 6th place and ended up with 12th which, out of 50 is still good, but would have been more fun minus the frustration.

My friend Ryan at a transition.  I saw so many people I knew out on the course.  That’s always a fun time.

What I loved was seeing all the people out on the course – some that I knew and some new friends.  Even with the frustration the race was filled with positive energy and was very upbeat.  Relays are a different feeling and I really enjoy them.

Official results!!  #12, 5:29:53 total time with an average of 8:15 minute miles.

The after party was fantastic although the only available food was from Great Basin and we had to pay for it.  They gave out vouchers for a free beer for each racer which was great for people who wanted some.  It was so much fun to hang out with everyone.

My friend and teammate Lupe at the after party

Since my Endurance Reno training teammates were all signing up, one of the Great Basin teams comprised of our Coach and 3 of our fastest runners.  They took first place winning a 6 pack of beer each and 4 kegs.  Good times!!!!  Hopefully the race director will use all the feedback to improve the kinks in this event.  I’d love to do it again next year.

The winning team (by 46 minutes!) was my running coach and 3 teammates

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