Blissfully tired….

Running 6.5 miles of pretty intense hills at night with a group does a couple of things. Pushes you harder.  Makes you feel euphoric. Gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Is a reminder that you, in fact, are a badass.  Gives you a lazy, contented feeling of tired.  I NEEDED the run last night.  Usually, I run to stay in shape, to push myself, etc…  Last night, instead of all my usual reasons, I ran because I needed to process the emotions I had felt all day.  I needed to get out of my house and run away.  I needed to refill the oil in my lamp, so to speak, so I could turn around and pour it out to others.  Some days are just tough days.  I’m blessed with a great job, supportive husband and amazing kids which makes anything tough that much easier.  Running makes it all okay.

Posted by my best friend who knew I had a tough day yesterday

My tough day was actually about one of my kids.  A situation that no matter how hard I try, no matter how much of an advocate I am, no matter how much I want to make things all better, I simply cannot.  So I have to rage a little, shake my fist and move on without allowing my inner frustrations to spill out onto my friends and family – the very people I want to be my best for.  So every once in a while, I dedicate my run to pushing through and moving on.  To getting back to being me.

When I get home from a tough night run, my family is waiting for me.  I’ve left dinner so I clean up when I arrive, eat something and then relax.  I’m blessed that this is how my night ended.

Gabrielle and I lounging, cuddling and basically falling asleep on the couch while watching Gold Rush…. When I got home, cleaned up and ate, she said, “Mommy, you need to cuddle me”.  Yes.  Yes I did.

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