Tuesday Morning Run

Bliss…. When you get up, get ready, don’t feel super excited because that bed was warm and cozy, it’s dark and cold outside but you know how amazing it will feel to log miles and be in the shower while other people are just waking up…  Even better when you dress right for the weather.  Even better than that is having a slow, easy run of 4 miles and just enjoying yourself……  That was my morning.

On Sunday for the 5K my goal was sub-24 minutes which I did with a 23:21.  I really, really, super secretly wanted to run a 22 minute 5K but it didn’t quite happen.  I can play the blame game – I was wearing a costume and the cape around my neck drove me nuts or that my son was right behind me and I wanted to check on him but really, honestly that’s all crap.  Not that there isn’t some truth to it, but I know I gave it what I had – enough that when I crossed the finish line I kept going to a quiet place and dry heaved.  Just twice.   I did my best at that moment but I know there will be other moments, other goals.

This morning was my usual “run in heart rate zone 2 for 4 miles” routine.  When I started training in zones, I got irritated running in zone 2.  It’s slow.  Going uphill I had to slow down so much I joked about how I was going to start sliding backwards.  But I learned.  About heart rate training and about myself – allowing myself to slow down and just freaking enjoy myself instead of going full speed ahead all the time.  Today I could say it was my “recovery run” from pushing on Sunday nights race but in all honesty, I enjoy these runs now.  My Garmin didn’t load – the only things working on it were the total time and my heart rate.  When I got down the road and looked I just shrugged.  Who cares??  I know where the 2 mile turn around is and all I really needed was my heart rate.  My total time for 4 miles was 39:42 and my heart rate stayed in zone 2.

I wave at everyone that passes me.  Mostly it’s a “Hey, I see you coming at me and I’m glad you see me” wave.  But people in my area have become familiar with the crazy lady running early in the morning in all weather, waving at them and now they wave first.  I get smiles, the “pointing gun” wave, genuine waves instead of just a raised hand.

This morning in 33* I felt happy.  Just plodding along in familiar territory, waving like a maniac and smiling because I got to go for a run.  That, my friends, is pretty amazing.

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