Reno 5000 Halloween 5K

What a fun race! Capped at 450 entries with lots of food, support, great race volunteers and a well marked course, this race is always fun! 9 kids and 2 parents entered. YAY!! A family affair for sure. Changes are happening as the kids get older – only my youngest is in the 1/2 mile “Fun Run”. All the other kids entered the 5K. We all run our own race and meet at the finish. I’m still (barely) the fastest but soon Taylor will beat me and he’ll never look back….. Until then, here are our results and a ton of pictures because, quite honestly, I’m biased and think they’re super cute and awesome.  6 kids as well as Chris and myself PR’d last night and one was the same as her best time.  SWEET!!! You can see by the results that Bri and Kezia ran together, Ashlea and Alana ran together and Olivia and Gabi ran together until the end.  Taylor was with me most of the way. There were 345 entries in the 5K:

Chris: PR – #95 Time; 28:49 Avg. 9:17
ME:  PR – #28 Time; 23:21 Avg. 7:32
Brianna: #140 Time; 31:16 Avg. 10:05
Olivia: #232 Time: 36:49 Avg. 11:52
Alana: PR – #166 Time; 33:19 Avg. 10:44
Nicolas: First 5K – #146 Time; 31:44 Avg. 10:14
Taylor: PR – #40 Time; 24:36 Avg. 7:56
Ashlea: PR – #167 Time; 33:19 Avg. 10:44
Gabrielle: Same as best – #233 Time; 36:55 Avg. 11:53
Kezia: PR – #141 Time; 31:17 Avg. 10:05
Samuel:  Half mile.  #14 out of 81 – PR 4:23

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