Running – Love Like Woe!!

For as hard as running spanked me Tuesday night, Thursday night was awesome. You just never know. We did some sort of interval thingy – technical, I know.  Warm up, 5 sets of intervals – running at different speeds for different time periods – then 20 minute cool down.  It felt amazing and the next day my butt hurt – good sign, folks, good sign.  It’s never a bad run, some are just more difficult than others.  Thursday made me feel amazing and alive!!

Super exciting things in my world.  Get a pen and paper and prepare to live vicariously….  Work went well Friday and Saturday.  Kids and I went to get pumpkins on Friday, then had a carving party Saturday night.  We also went to packet pickup Saturday.  9 kids and 2 parents running the 5K tonight in our Halloween get up.

THIS IS SO COOL!!  I went on Athlinks to look at my race results and double check my 5K PR.  For kicks, I typed in one of the kids names and we found all her results.  So I put in each child’s name and got all their results.  We wrote them out together and it was phenomenal to see how much they’ve improved.  The best improvement was Ashlea.  From her first 5K to her second she shaved 12 minutes of her time!!!  Gabrielle shaved off 11 minutes!!  When we all looked at how many races they’ve done and how much they’ve improved, the excitement level went up a few notches.  They remembered every race, what they liked about each one, which were technically more difficult, etc…  They all know they’re PR time and have a goal for tonight’s race.  A time to shoot for and see if they can beat.  Bri (who is 20 and technically an adult) and I hadn’t realized how many races she’s been in over the years.  She looked at it and said, “Huh.  I guess I really am a runner.  Also, I hit my peak at 14.”  Oh, well, we can’t have everything……  It was exciting for the kids to see their race results posted on a “professional” page.  Tonight’s race is definitely one of our favorites.  Best director, best food and swag, lots of energy.  Stay tuned…

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