Halloween Fun

I love Halloween but seriously the surrounding activities are getting crazy!! The kids have a church activity, a school activity, a friends party. 3 times to dress up. THEN we do the 5K race and the actual trick or treating……

Here are my rules of Halloween.  1) I help for the race and the actual trick or treating.  2) Once the kids turn 12, I don’t help.  I figure they’re old enough to help other little kids, have parties with their peeps, etc…  and are pretty much good to figure it out for themselves.  Yes, I’m a mean mom….

The cool part??  They get very creative and figure out inexpensive ways to make things…  Example?  Gabrielle wants to be Medusa.  We looked her up online and went to the dollar store.  2 pack of headbands and 2 packs of snakes.  $3.  Then green makeup at Walmart (in case you didn’t know, Medusa has green lips) for $.97.  We had a great time putting it together and she’s using an existing costume dress to top it off.

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