Getting Pissed Off At Running

When running spanks you?  Moments you question your sanity as a runner?  Swearing while running?  I thought this was supposed to be fun?  What the hell am I doing? Yes, I am giving it my all?

SO many blog titles….  Here are some things about running and working out in general:

  • There’s no perfect body type.  We’re all unique so embrace your type and GO with it!!  Look good for YOU, not the model on the cover of a magazine.
  • Anyone can do it, the level you’re at is relative to YOU
  • You can continue to see results.  Our bodies change with time, our goals become different, etc…  There’s no end to making changes or setting goals.
  • You’re out there doing something instead of sitting on the couch complaining.  Hello??  BIG STEP!!!  More than what most people are doing.
  • Most of the time, it’s fun.  Even when training is difficult, getting to the end of that workout is euphoric.  Knowing you completed it, met your daily goal, etc…   Having friends with you, a coach or a team, online support, etc… makes it even better
  • Looking and feeling good is worth the effort it takes.  Seeing results, sleeping better, etc…  It feels amazing to be in shape.

We got a little snow Monday night which is pretty to look at. This is from my front door Tuesday on my way to go running.

Then that day happens.  It’s not a GI issue, your diet is fine, no breathing issues, you’re not tired or sick.  The weather isn’t too hot, too cold.  You’re dressed correctly.  Your shoes are fine.  Nothing is wrong.  At all.  Mentally you’re in the zone and ready to go.  But it sucks.  Big time.  Running decides to spank you.  Hard.

That’s what happened to me last night.  I was with my team, I was feeling fine.  I had NO get up and go.  Coach told us to go hard and I DID.  But somehow everyone passed me, I was left behind watching them wondering why I was so slow.  There was absolutely NOTHING wrong.

This is what Reno calls “Fall colors”. Having grown up in New England, this is not what comes to mind when I think of leaves changing….. I am a Fall Foliage snob!!

I hit that point when I thought, “OK, for some reason things aren’t happening for me.  If they turn a corner and I can’t see the team, I’m walking.”  That didn’t happen.  This is the thing.  It’s not worth getting upset about.  I’m logging my miles, I’m (sort of) with my team.  They’ll be there when I finish.  I have to get to my car so I’m going to finish regardless of my speed.  I’m not bummed, just confused as to why my body isn’t moving like I want it to.  I’m not a glass half full person – I’m a glass is all the way full;  half water, half air and we need both equally.  It’s really, really not a big deal that I was getting spanked hard by running.  It kind of sucks when a workout doesn’t go as planned but I KNEW the entire time I would spank running back.  Maybe not next time or even the time after that, but I will find that groove again and spank.

Most harsh moments??  3 hills we’re supposed to go hard on.  First hill, the team was waiting for me at the top clapping and cheering.  I wanted to tell them to just go without me…..  Please….  Then I stayed with them no problem.  Second hill, they “bonused back” to me – they hit the top, turned around and ran to me (2/3 of the way up the hill), surrounded me and ran me up.  Please, please go without me…..  Leave me to die in my inadequacy…  Then I stayed with them no problems.  Third hill, they waited at the top again.  Cheering me on like I had won a trophy.  By then I was thankful for them.  It’s usually not me falling behind and I love to bolster up a friend who is struggling.  How selfish of me to rob them of the blessing of bolstering me??  The remaining distance I had no problem.  I just couldn’t push harder up those hills.  Coach told me not to get discouraged and I assured him I wasn’t.  Some days, you’re just off and last night was my time.  Pretty much, I wouldn’t appreciate the good runs nearly as much if I didn’t – every once in a while – have a really, really tough one.  For that, I am grateful.

I am horrid at doing the phone/camera/self-portrait thing. Bad….  I looked as bad as I feel!!!

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