Desert Survival

Our elementary school 6th grade class does winter survival (snow caves, starting a fire, etc…) and desert survival every year. They’re fun, teach some basic skills in the even you’re ever stuck somewhere. It’s really pretty well done for a very elementary level field trip, however we bring the items needed – garbage bags for shelter or rain, plastic, a cup, a rock and water for the solar still…. The kids learn a lot before the field trip though and the goal, I think, is to give the kids enough information so that in a real survival situation they could improvise.  I enjoy going to my kids field trips and enjoy even more that they WANT me there.

All I can say is that if you’re ever stranded in the desert together and we have plastic, a cup, a rock, a shovel, 5 garbage bags, we’re dressed in layers and have a backpack full of food and water….  I CAN SAVE YOU!!!!

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