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I have a dream journal. It started out because I read a book called Wear More Cashmere.  I received this book for Mother’s Day years ago and I adore it.

I LOVE MY INNER PRINCESS!!!  After reading this, I looked at other books by this author and they’re good but this one is still my favorite.  In Cashmere, she suggests 151 things to do for yourself.  Some require money, many do not.  One of her suggestions was to have a “Dream Journal”.  To write down things that you’d like to do or purchase, places you want to go.  Have a “luxurious imagination”, the sky is the limit.  Dare.  To.  Dream.

And for years I’ve adopted that idea.  I write things down as they come to me.  Some I’ve checked off the list, some I may not ever check off, sometimes the dreams change.  But at least I have them although sometimes life gets in the way and it’s easy to forget to dream.  So I took out my journal and started reading it…

My dream journal

When things don’t go the way we want it’s easy to get overwhelmed, to forget the little things that are so important, to succumb to stress or just generally be discouraged.  Take my last  race….

I fell.  Ate it really hard.  I’m going to look like a battered woman for a while.  My time wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted it to be.  It was embarrassing, frustrating, I felt stupid.  But I kept going.  I still beat my last time.  I finished.  I enjoyed my day.  I’ve trained twice for a marathon/50K and both times had to give up the race.  After all that training.  I could have let it bother me and, don’t get me wrong, it bummed me out.  But my family always comes first so I let it go knowing if it’s really important I can train again.

People ask often how I find the time to run.  It’s all about balance and priorities.  It’s about having a dream and doing what you can to make it a reality.  It’s about not getting discouraged when things don’t go as planned.  It’s about rolling with the punches and moving forward.  Dream big.

One of my favorite shirts; “Live With Passion”

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