It’s A New Week!!! What’s in store??

Amazing quote by PunkRockRacing’s Ron:

“A day when these shortcomings may be all you have left to hang on to. When you’ve put yourself out there and given all you have for all to see and in those final moments, as you make your way down that finishers chute, you realize that it’s the people who waited who control those final moments of your journey, for it is them, not you, who provide the energy to finish. We literally float across the finish line, lifted by the spectators and for that moment in time, for that one second, we are more than ourselves. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We’re that person we’ve always wanted to be. We are heroes, champions, winners and gods, if only for a split second in time… A stupid, wonderful microsecond of time.

You’re alive. Prove it.”

I’m usually so freaking happy and optimistic I don’t necessarily need motivational quotes to give me that extra oomph but I do really, really like them.  Like the quote above, it puts me back in that moment and captures how I felt in a way that I feel inadequate to capture.  I got choked up a couple days ago thinking about that exact moment captured in the above quote.  Saucony’s Find Your Strong Project had an entry that asked “What is your post run reward?”  Well, having a large family means less “rewards” in a monetary way, but so many more in every other way.  The Project asked to post a picture of your reward.  Here was my entry:

Me with 9 of my favorite post run rewards!!

I have the privilege of being an example every day to 13 children.  I’m not always a perfect example – there’s no parenting utopia – but I try.  I’m an example of a strong, confident, independent woman with a good self image, boundaries, good eating habits.  I know my children feel how much I love them, that they are important to me, that they are capable of achieving great things.  I can’t go buy the pair of running shoes I”m currently drooling over right this second and I’ve never placed an order with Lulumon but I’m not cheated out of nice things either.  And this??  Seeing this at the finish line screaming at me, ringing cowbells and holding their signs??  Seeing my time and hearing them say, “That’s awesome, Mom!!  We knew you could do it!!”

It just doesn’t get better than that.

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