Oh, yes. Favorite day of the year. OK, one of them anyway. I woke up and (since Chris isn’t a morning person) moved to the office (aka Gentleman’s Retreat) to wait for the kids. They brought in breakfast – my favorite – and as always made enough so we all ate it together. Then they gave me the presents they’d made in school, the handmade cards, the things that I treasure most.  They even squeezed orange juice for me.  I totally deserved it!

Then we suited up for the Avengers movie.  Four of my girls decided they wanted to dress me.  Needless to say I was a little concerned.  They started pulling things from my closet, drawers, they consulted each other….  The final outfit was fantastic and without their knowledge it was nearly all BodyRock Sport by Kelly Dooley!!  I’ll wear anything from her any day of the week!!

The movie was fantastic, we took up two rows (naturally) and every one of us thought it was very well done.  Go see it.

Bri got here after work and did the grocery shopping for my M Day dinner.  A penne dish with sausage, 3 types of cheese and homemade sauce.  She needs to name it.  It’s amazing!!!  Before cooking dinner, Bri, Taylor and I did a 3 mile run and holy cow those two make me laugh!!!  I’m not sure we actually got anything done (except we did make the loop back to the car) but we sure laughed a lot.  At home Bri cooked while Chris and I hiked the dogs 2 miles.  Lovely!!

Dinner and lemon squares (homemade of course!!) were divine.  I love my life!!!

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