Taylors 13th Bday and 4 Miles

My son turned 13 today. When I picked him up from school he said, “Dude, Mom can you buy me a Coke since it’s my birthday?” So we stopped at the gas station and he got a Coke which is something we don’t often have in my house. He burped like a freak which of course I rated on the rest of the drive.  He might be hitting pro status.  I asked what else he would like today and he said he wanted to run 4 miles with me. Done.

Taylor looks confused about having a birthday

We did the 4 mile hill run past my house.  I averaged 8:40 minute miles, Chris averaged 9:40 minute miles and Taylor was right in between us.  All the kids played outside and cheered us on when we ran past the house both times.  They also took pictures and we just can’t get enough of those!!  It was about 70* today with about 12 mph winds… I love my family.  We’re crazy.  You’re welcome.

Here’s the recap in pictures:

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